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Biologique Recherche

Three representatives of one French family – a biologist, a physiotherapist and a doctor – wrote a new, unique, ahead of time chapter in the history of skin care procedures due to their profound knowledge and passion for work.

30 years ago they created a company working as a research laboratory, inventing and creating truly revolutionary cosmetic products.
The method Biologique Recherche has an impeccable reputation. Based on a clinical approach and using pure, highly concentrated ingredients in combination with original procedures, this method achieves incredibly effective results.

The quintessence of Biologique Recherche products for skin care are authenticity and harmony.

All products meet the following criteria:
High concentration (in most products – more than 20%, and in some – up to 80%) and high degree of purification of extracts of vegetable, marine and biological origin.
Absence of artificial fragrances and chemical dyes to avoid allergic reactions and for the sake of safety of formulas of preparations.
Correspondence of product formulas to the original structures of active ingredients due to the use of “cold” production technology.
Use only high-quality ingredients that meet the high demands of the brand.
Combination of drugs with unique techniques of work, as well as with Remodelling Face to achieve instant, stunning results.

The original technique of Biologique Recherche is based on three fundamental phases.

1. Diagnostic Phase.
Using an individual approach to the skin, taking into account its physiological characteristics and applying visual and tactile diagnostics, the “momentary skin condition” of each client is determined. Based on the results obtained, the procedure that ensures the most effective care is selected individually.

2. Preparatory Phase.
Dr. Allush is sure: the most important stage of care is the impact on the epidermis – the uppermost of the skin, which is updated every month throughout life. Being the first protective barrier of our body from external aggressors, the epidermis requires special care, which should be carried out according to a clear methodology. In Biologique Recherche, we consider this phase very important.

3. The phase of care.
During the phase of withdrawal, high concentration preparations are used that stimulate the recovery processes, both in the epidermis and in the deeper layers of the skin. Our skin is the most complex body responsible for protecting and participating in metabolic processes. The unique advantage of individually selected care provides an instant effect and results in long-term results even in the case of an unbalanced skin condition.

Information from the site Biologique Recherche.

The cost of the procedures in our center:

Gentle peeling with fruit acids1000-00 UAH
Regenerating oxygen treatment VIP O2700-00 UAH
Skin Care with Cold Mask1050-00 UAH
Complex lifting for face, neck and decolletage Lift C.V.S.1350-00 UAH
Care for oily and problem skin500-00 UAH
Whitening and moisturizing program for skin with manifestations of pigmentation700-00 UAH
Face, neck and decollete skin care using lotion Lotion MC 110750 -00 UAH
Restructuring and smoothing care Soin Restrucurant et Lissant1850-00 UAH
The program “Anti-Couperose”1100-00 UAH
Program for the care and restoration of the skin around the eyes750-00 UAH
Skin care with the use of a mask based on collagen and an extract of caviar osteurova Masque Caviar1950-00 UAH
Express-restoration of the skin Biologique Feerie2400-00 UAH
Care for sensitive skin on the basis of drugs with embryonic cells600-00 UAH
Instant lifting Biovecteur Marin800-00 UAH
Care for dry and damaged skin on the basis of CREME Masque Vernix2100-00 UAH