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Biorevitalization, cosmetology

Biorevitalization is an injection method of introducing hyaluronic acid into the deep layers of the skin.
Hyaluronic acid is a part of the skin, it is able to absorb and retain a water molecule, it participates in the process of tissue regeneration. In the body, HA is produced in a natural way, but with age it becomes less, as well as exposure to ultraviolet skin, its synthesis ceases and decay increases.
In order to keep the skin hydrated, elastic and elastic, it is necessary to introduce it from the outside.
Intensive biorevitalization course is carried out once a year, 1 procedure in 2 weeks.
On the course of 5-7 procedures, depending on age, type of skin and individual characteristics. Combines with basic care and a seasonal course of chemical peelings. Place of introduction – neckline, neck, face, skin of brushes.

Indications for biorevitalization:
1 – prevention and correction of age-related skin changes, such as decreased tone, fine wrinkles, flabbiness;
2 – skin regeneration after the summer period;
3 – preparation for and rehabilitation after chemical peelings, laser resurfacing.

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