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Bruxism: symptoms, reasons and consequences

Tooth-grinding during sleeping is an unpleasant dental disease, known as bruxism.

The main symptom of this disease is an unpleasant tooth-grinding which appears in result of jaws compression because of involuntary reduction of jaw muscles.

Bruxism can last a couple of seconds or minutes accompanied with changes of pulse and blood pressure and breathing problems.

This disease can appear at any age. Adults suffer from it as often as children. It’s known that reasons of bruxism are sleep disturbance, disease of temporal lower jaw bone, pathologies in face structure, low-quality of fillings or lack of teeth. Tooth-grinding at night accompanies people who apt to the stress.

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There are two types of disease: nocturnal and diurnal bruxism.

Diurnal bruxism is a habit of tooth-grinding which appears in stressful moments.

Nocturnal bruxism appears during sleeping and it can repeat quite often. In case of brief but not regular sounds there is no need to panic, because this can be a momentary reaction on stress. You should worry if attacks are systematic and very long.

You shouldn’t fight with bruxism on your own, it can cause serious problems. It’s recommended to see a dentist at once to get qualified examination and treatment. The danger of tooth-grinding accompanies a person quite a long perion of time and can cause serious problems:

  • elevation of teeth abrasion;
  • disturbance of occlusion;
  • teeth loosening;
  • sensitivity enhancement;
  • frequent headaches;
  • unpleasant feelings and face spasm.

Besides of this, people who suffer from bruxism have psychological problems associated with permanent discomfort. Take care of your health and emotional state of people around you.

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