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Clinic equipment

Modern and innovative equipment of dental clinic “MedLi”.

Successful work of any dental clinic is based on highly qualified specialists and modern equipment corresponding to all world standards. Nowadays rapid development of technology helps to use modern facilities for preventive care, diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases.

3D – computer tomography MORITA (Japan)

Essential part of modern stomatology is a computer tomography of jaws. It holds for discovering anatomical characteristics of dental structure, nerve canal and dental root. CT is used for periodontia, planning surgery and dental implantation.

Dentists of medical center “MedLi” use high tech X-ray which lets them get 3D pictures Veraviewepocs 3D, created by Japanese company Morita.

Undertaking CT X-rays go through patient’s tissue and they are detected by special scanner. After a couple of pictures computer makes 3D model which is called computer tomography. This procedure is painless and doesn’t cause unpleasant feelings.

Usage of 3D-CT Morita let us

  • find hidden caries;
  • detect teeth which didn’t cut through on time and neoplasms, carry out control of correct installing the filling or implant;
  • notice inflammatory processes and destruction of jaw-bone;
  • find any anomalies in development of teeth and jaw.

Computer tomography helps us to model the result of implantation and let our patients estimate what they get without any mistakes.


Technology T-Scan  III

Most dental clinics use carbon paper for research and control of teeth joining. It allows to find out the location of teeth contact, occlusal plane and areas of high pressure. Nowadays usage of carbon paper causes a range of problems such as quick teeth crumble, early loss of teeth, fractions of tooth crown, implant failure and disease of maxillo- temporal joint.

Medical clinic “MedLi” uses modern innovative computer diagnostic system of teeth joining – T-Scan III. This equipment is popular with leading doctors and doesn’t have any analogues in the world.

T-Scan III system is a device with a specific bite plate which allows to provide normalization of all teeth on both jaws. A patient occludes a part of device which is connected to a computer. With the help of the loaded program we analyze occlusion contact. This unique technology allows to perform diagnosis of the most important aspects:

  • nature of occlusal load on all teeth;
  • finding points of “premature contacts”;
  • cooperation in work of jaw muscles;
  • pathologic movement of teeth and lower jaw bone.

Usage of T-Scan III is absolutely painless, accurate and shows the picture on the monitor, which becomes an instruction for a dentist. This device is used for treatment, therapy, orthopedics, orthodontics, periodontics and etc.

Computer diagnostics of occlusion by T-Scan III device is the main formula for success in curing of your teeth.


Periorestorative treatment by “Vektor” device.

We don’t often notice problems with our gums until blood appears, inflammation, bas smell and sensation of pain after eating. Periodontal disease must be solved immediately because its destruction causes serious consequences.

“Vektor” is a modern suprasonic device which is used for curing gum diseases and professional tooth brushing. With the help of special head on this device we can scale, remove plaque and bacteria, polish the top of the dental root and renew gums. Positive results appear after first “Vektor” therapy.

Main advantages of perio treatment by “Vektor” device:

  • penetration into periodontal tissue to a depth of up to 11 mm without surgery;
  • doesn’t cause damaging of tooth enamel, dentin and periodontal tissue;
  • minimises morbidity rate in comparison with analogues;
  • congests tissue with calcium.

Get rid of gum diseases in medical clinic “MedLi”.

Teeth sterilization by ozone.

New step in sterilization and destruction of infections without body tissues damage is OzoneDTA. This revolutionary technology has immune stimulating, anti bacterial and antioxidant properties. Thanks to this device ozone penetrates into soft and hard tissues, effects like antibiotic and reduces activity of different causative agents. Procedure is painless, comfortable and it doesn’t build up a tolerance.

“MedLi” dentists use ozone generator to:

  • prevent caries in a risk zone;
  • cure and sterilize root canal of tooth;
  • disinfect tooth cavity before tooth filling;
  • cure diseases of mucous of mouth cavity;
  • sterilise during surgery.

Ozone generators  OzoneDTA enrich blood with oxygen and stimulate immune system of the whole body.


Laser Picasso

Usage of laser is very convenient and practical not only for specialist but for patient as well. Diode laser Picasso has powerful anti bacterial properties, it is used in curing of gum diseases, dental implantation and other surgeries, such as dens serotini removal, frenulo-plasty, which face with infections less and heal faster.

It’s very simple in usage. All actions are noiseless, without vibrations and don’t affect healthy tissues. Mainly the treatment with the help of laser Picasso can be done without anesthesia.

Laser stomatology is at your service in medical senter “MedLi”.

Medical center “MedLi” uses only best practices, modern, proficient tools for filling. With the development of modern and revolutionary technologies our specialists use only a new material BEAUTIFUL which impressed us by its aesthetic properties, color harmonization, efficiency to give and collect fluoro depending on its concentration in mouth cavity.

BEAUTIFUL is highly aesthetic, modern dental material from Japan for all types of rebuilding procedures which prevent caries.

Medical center “MedLi” is a formula for success for teeth treatment even in the most difficult situations.