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Computer diagnostics of occlusion

Why do we use computer diagnostics of occlusion T-Scan III in our practice?

Many of us know unpleasant feelings connected with irregular occlusion of tooth crowns, fillings, dental bridgework or removable denture.

It’s well know that a person can feel something between teeth 8 microns in size.

Modern stomatology uses different methods for surveys of teeth and jaws. Many decades carbon paper, wax and so on were used for diagnosing the occlusion. But these things can’t reflect objective picture of occlusion.

Irregular occlusion contacts lead to overpressure of teeth and this is called traumatic occlusion. Its clinic features are:

  • Changing of teeth position
  • Enamel fissure
  • Tooth darkening
  • Gum recession
  • Teeth mobility
  • Atrophy of periodontal tissue
  • Defects of fillings, artificial crowns
  • Defection of implant stability

Occlusion can cause the replacement of a lower jaw and in its turn it leads to overpressure of temporal and lower jaw and disfunction of jaw muscles.

This can cause:

  • Headaches and facial pain;
  • Unpleasant feelings in the area of temporal and lower jaw and jaw muscles;
  • Tension in occipital region;
  • Pain in shoulders and etc.

Obviously it’s very important to find unacceptable contacts during teeth-joining.

Medical clinic “MedLi” uses modern innovative computer diagnostic system of teeth joining – T-Scan III. The device was invented in the USA 25 years ago and doesn’t have any analogues in the world. This equipment is popular with leading clinics in Kiev.

While examination a patient occludes a special sensor and doesn’t feel unpleasant

information which used to be unavailable. He defines quickly places with problems and forms ideal occlusion and its balance.

Thus, usage of computer analysis of occlusion with T-Scan III allows to avoid problems connected with occlusion disturbance:

  • High dental abrasion
  • Splintering teeth restoration (fillings, veneer, crowns)
  • Early teeth mobility
  • Overpressure of implants
  • Multiple dental neurologic symptoms

T-Scan III is used on all stages of teeth treatment connected with diagnostics and correction of occlusion, it is also the only quantitative method of analysis of occlusion used in practice.

The ability of reflection of analytical data such as “Center of Power” and “Center of Power Trajectory” allows estimate the general balance of occlusion which is the main for occlusion analysis.

Characteristic of Center of power allows dentist research general influence of dental therapy on joining and movement of teeth. That becomes possible by on click.

Other characteristics, for example, permanent “identification of location” and “maximum” sum all main features of occlusion and help dentist to diagnose and plan the treatment of occlusion defects, for example, injuries caused by short-time powers or prohibitive contacts.

T-Scan III also uses subtractive technology which is used in practice “Delta” to differentiate sliding and other pathologies from occlusion and this let get inaccessible data.

Since the first system appearing in 1987 the usage of computer analysis of occlusion has been widespread in implantology, teaching of patients, dental therapy and in the field of diagnostics and correction of pathologies of temporal and lower jaw joint.

Obviously, data about pressure force and time of occlusion has the main meaning for dentist when he tries to follow the changes in pressure on implants in comparison with ordinary teeth or work out the program of improving the patient’s occlusion.

Advantages of T-Scan III

  • Improve the quality of diagnostics.
  • Improve the quality of treatment.
  • Reduce time of treatment.
  • Provide big comfort after setting temporary and permanent constructions.
  • Reduce the risk of implant failure, dental injury, ceramic chipping.
  • Increase effectiveness of dental splint.

Computer diagnostics of occlusion with T-Scan III in medical center “MedLi” is a key to successful treatment and a source of longevity of your teeth.