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Contour plastic

Contour plastic

Girls and women from birth to old age try to look perfect, striving for excellence. Previously, such changes could only be done with the help of plastic surgery, but now there are safe and alternative procedures. One of which is contour plastic, a safe and effective way in aesthetic cosmetology.

Features of contour plastics
Contour plastic is a technique for introducing special gels (fillers), the basis of which is hyaluronic acid. The principle of the contour plastic is very simple. Into the area of ​​the problem zone A special syringe is injected with the necessary drug, which reaches the deep layers of the skin, affects the production of collagens, allowing a natural way to correct the problem areas of our face.
When using contour plastics, you can get rid of:
• wrinkles above the lips and under them;
• correct nasolabial folds;
• eliminate wrinkles on the eyelids;
• get rid of wrinkles between the eyebrows;
• remove wrinkles on the forehead;
• smooth the scars;
• change and adjust the volume of the lips.

Contour plastic at the moment is a great pride in aesthetic medicine, which allows you to make incredible reincarnations.

Services of contour plastic in the medical center “MedLi”.
Cosmetologists of MedLi medical center carry out contouring of nasolabial folds, lips, interbrowal fold, zygomatic zone, nasolacrimal fissures.

Contour plastic nasolabial folds.
After the procedure at the MedLi medical center, you can be sure that deep wrinkles and sagging corners of the mouth will become completely invisible, and the skin around the selected area will be smoothed out.
Contour plastic of the interbrowal fold and zygomatic zone.
One of the most common mimic wrinkles is the interbrow fold. It is she who gives the face a gloomy look. With deep folds of the interbrown part of the face, they can easily be adjusted with contour plastic. When carrying out the procedure in the area of ​​the interbrow fold, the result will exceed all your expectations.

Contouring of nasolacrimal grooves.
With the help of this procedure, cosmetologists of MedLi medical center can easily assist in the formation of clear and elastic contours of the face. By reducing the depth of the nasal lacrimal grooves, you will cease to look tired and haggard, and your face will radiate confidence.
In our cosmetology, the procedure of contour plastic is extremely effective, accessible and safe. Waiting for you!
To consult a cosmetologist, please contact the MedLi Medical Center at: (044) 581-63-74, (095) 308-28-28, (067) 104-28-28