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Esthetic dental restoration

Esthetic dental restoration is a restoration of natural look of teeth in case of their loss. It is carried out when enamel got dark or teeth became yellow or brown. This procedure is popular even if there are fractions, cracks and deformations.

Esthetic restoration is more preferred than crowns because there is no need to turn the surface of a tooth. Moreover it’s cheaper and you don’t need to visit a dentist so often.

There are two methods of esthetic dental restoration – direct and indirect.

Direct method allows recreate shape and natural color of a tooth, correct the form of tooth range and location of tooth in the raw, get rid of diastema.

Direct restoration means work with a tooth in patient’s mouth directly. Tooth tissue restores with the help of special materials such as composite and polymer. Teeth whitening refers to direct method as well. After this standard procedure teeth are covered with special material which becomes hard very fast under powerful light.

Indirect method differs from direct because part of the tooth is created apart from it, in the lab. Firstly a dentist takes a cast and then a dental mechanic makes artificial part in the lab. After that dentist put this part on the tooth.

To esthetic stomatology we refer such types of work as microprosthetics, that is usage of inserts, laps and veneers to replace crowns. This tiny things make appearance better, save teeth and they don’t need turning.

Esthetic dental restoration is able to return shape and color to teeth. Modern technologies allow recreate a tooth even if there is nothing but root.

But not always esthetic restoration can restore a former look of teeth. Sometimes dentist has to fix nature mistakes, for example diastema. A tooth which comes forward or backward can be returned into the raw. Restoration is also helpful in reduction of tooth width because it’s possible to build up a tooth to its former length. With the help of esthetic restoration we can also change the color of fillings, if they don’t match with the color of teeth.