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The cost of the 1st procedure is 1100 UAH.

Being an integrated system, HydraFash has united three components. Non-crystalline exfoliation, multifunctional sera and controlled vacuum work in synergy, simultaneously, as a harmonious orchestra.

Special disposable patented attachments are what fundamentally differentiate technology from all other known exfoliation methods. High level of antiseptics and assortment of attachments allow individual approach to each individual client.

Elimination of the upper stratum corneum stimulates the division of cells in the basal layer and, accordingly, the renewal of the epidermis. The fine superficial wrinkles are noticeably smoothed, the pores become narrower, and at the same time the surface defects (pigmentation, hyperkeratosis, peeling) are eliminated.

The nozzles have a spiral ribbed surface, which provides a more even distribution of the serum and provides the so-called “triple blade effect” at the time of directional movement. The movements of the nozzle are carried out quickly and superficially.
Different degrees of abrasiveness nozzles can solve a variety of aesthetic problems and perform procedures not only on the face, but also on the body.
Classical nozzle, produces a qualitative and delicate exfoliation of the upper stratum corneum.Abrasive green nozzle, used for problem skin, hyperkeratosis, dyshromia, oily porous skin.
A small nozzle, used for deep cleaning of the problem zone, extraction of comedones.Combination nozzle with microdermabrasion element (220 mcg), can be used for post-acne, as well as for the body.
Transparent nozzle, used to apply ampoule serums, acid peels and Antiox6.Combined nozzle with microdermabrasion element (320 mcg), can be used for post-acne, dyskeratoses, striae.
Abrasive amber nozzle, used for problematic skin, hyperkeratosis, dyshromia, thick fatty porous skin.The body nozzle is convenient for working with large areas (back).
The basic procedure of HydraFash is performed in three stages:
The first stage is the renewal of the skin. The spiral surface of the nozzle aligns the skin’s relief, eliminates pigmentation, renews the epidermis (rejuvenation). Simultaneously, the whey that comes into the pack intensively moisturizes the skin. Together with this, vacuum increases tonus, providing lifting, improves microcirculation and lymphatic drainage.
The second stage is a deep cleansing. With the use of a new nozzle and serum, comedones are extracted. Entering the purified pores serum has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and seboreguliruyuschee action.
The third stage is antioxidant therapy. Clean, prepared skin, again replacing the nozzle and serum, enriched with a luxurious vitamin-antioxidant complex, growth factors, peptides.
The result is a clean, smooth, taut, moisturized and radiant skin!
HaydraFeshl can be performed not only once, as an excellent evacuation procedure, but also a course, according to testimony, in solving serious aesthetic problems.
  • Age -related syndrome
  • spa-cleaning of the face
  • acne
  • post-acne
  • hyperpigmentation
  • hyperkeratosis
  • wide pores
  • puffiness / facial swelling
  • contaminated back area
  • ingrown hair
  • stria
  • express procedures
  • preparing and rehabilitation after radical procedures (lasers, IPL, mesotherapy)

The standard scheme includes 5-10 sessions. Usually no more than 1-2 procedures per week.
It depends on what purpose you are applying to a specialist and what is the priority for you. This can be as a one-time wakeful express procedure, when you need to look good for any occasion, and courses of procedures.
After one treatment procedure, the skin looks fine within a week. The prolonged result requires a course with supporting procedures once a month.
From contra-indications it is possible to name:
– herpes in the acute stage;
– taking medications diluting blood and tretinoin;
– an inflammatory form of acne of 3-4 degree of severity;
– dermatological diseases (in the affected area).
HaydraFeshl can be performed for both age and young clients.
In all cases, the approach is strictly individual.

HydraFacial SERUM
HydraFacial technology, as a modern and unique technology of non-invasive rejuvenation in hardware cosmetology, implies the use of modern and effective consumables, which are delivered together with a series of 3 cosmetology devices TOWER, ALLEGRO and NECTRE. Disposable patented HydroPeel, Activ-4, Beta-HD and Antiox-6 with active ingredients moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin are the basis for the basic procedure of vacuum hydro-peeling.
Additionally, all three cosmetology devices can work with
  • ampoule acid peelings GlySal (4 levels of aggressiveness);
  • a unique ampoule serum TNS from Skin Medica for rejuvenating the aging skin;
  • a unique ampulum serum DermaBuilder with the effect of botox.