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Invisalign system

If a person has an ideal occlusion of teeth, his smile will be always perfect. But what should we do if we are embarrassed of our smile and we want to correct our occlusion? For this purpose there is an orthodontic construction – brackets. They correct our occlusion but we have to wear them for a long time, we feel discomfort, they need special care and there are some limits in food. In 8-15 month we can take them off at last and feel relief and only after that we can enjoy by our smile and even teeth. Wearing brackets especially hard for teenagers and students, when you want smile a lot but you are embarrassed.

But progress is moving fast and there is an alternative, these are light, invisible, comfortable and you can take them off during correction – aligners Invisalign.

Aligners are invisible transparent drops from thin plastic, made individually according to casts and pictures. You have to visit orthodontist only twice, for taking a cast and demonstration of video. The whole procedure of correction you can see before it starts.

American high –tech method allows do the treatment course for 5-8 month, it guarantees high expected response to treatment and dynamics of teeth movement with predicted estimate of wearing mouth guard. And what is more important, it’s invisible process for other people!

You can wear mouth guard 18-22 hours, taking them off during meal and brushing. You will change them on your own in certain time. Only 1-2 times a month you have to see a doctor who will watch the treatment.

Everywhere with aligners Invisalign you will feel yourself comfortable and confident!

Specialists of dental clinic “MedLi” have a good experience in this method, they guarantee excellent result and beautiful smile.