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Lip augmentation

Lip augmentation

Beautiful and expressive female lips have always been considered extremely attractive and seductive. Throughout human history, with the change of epochs, tastes and trends in fashion – the lips have always remained the standard of attraction.

Natural increase of the lips for today is extremely popular procedure, regardless of the age category of the fair sex. With the help of a cosmetic procedure for lip correction, you can:
correct the volume of lips;
change the form;
make them elastic;
increase elasticity;
achieve the effect of moisturizing;
give a natural color.


Lip augmentation service at medical center MedLi
Cosmetologists of the MedLi medical center use special gels based on hyaluronic acid for the procedure of lip augmentation. Hyaluronic acid, or as it is called hyaluronic acid, is at the peak of its popularity. Use of fillers with hyaluronic acid is an excellent alternative to complex invasive procedures or plastic surgery.

Lip enlargement is carried out in several stages.
The first step involves lip treatment with an antibacterial agent, and an anesthetic gel;
the second stage is directly injections, in which the cosmetologist injects the drug into the area of ​​the lips, massaging them with light touches. This must be done to distribute the product evenly;
the third stage is accompanied by an evaluation of the result;
the fourth stage is rehabilitation, as in most cases in the first few hours there are minor swelling that pass very quickly.

All drugs that are used in the medical center for the procedure of lip augmentation are absolutely safe and do not harm the female body. During the application of fillers, there is a complete absence of any allergic reactions.
The effect after the procedure of lip augmentation lasts ten to eleven months. Depending on the characteristics of the body, the result may persist for longer periods.

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