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Microcurrent therapy

Microcurrent therapy in the center of cosmetology and dentistry MedLi

In modern cosmetology, methods combining the latest achievements of scientific and technological progress and the methods used in cosmetology are used more and more often and have proved their effectiveness for decades. Especially good in recent years in cosmetology has shown itself microcurrent therapy, which affects the human body with weak impulses of electric current.

Influencing microcurrents on the human body, including the skin – we get a number of amazing effects. There is interaction with the circulatory and lymphatic systems, skin tone and elasticity increase, the synthesis of useful substances, metabolism improves.

In cosmetology microcurrents are used to affect the face, neck, abdomen – those places where there are flabby skin areas, usually with reduced tone, elasticity, wrinkles. When microcurrents are used, useful substances are much faster and more fully absorbed by the body, collagen with vitamins and amino acids penetrate much deeper and more efficiently into deeper layers of the skin. As a result, the puffiness of the skin decreases, dark circles disappear under the eyes, the skin acquires greater elasticity and elasticity, wrinkles are smoothed.

The procedure itself is extremely pleasant and relaxing. Microcurrents are used for the treatment of sleep disorders and withdrawal of nervous tension, general relaxation after a hard day of work, as rehabilitation after surgical interventions.

Usually the course of microcurrent therapy consists of 10-15 sessions, with 2-4 procedures per week. The effect of the procedure is observed after several sessions.

Microcurrent therapy is suitable for skin of any type, age, sex. Together with microcurrent therapy, the doctors of our center can select individually for you mesotherapy procedures, cosmetology and injections, in combination with which microcurrent therapy will give an effect far exceeding your expectations.
In cosmetology, MedLi is always happy to give patients beauty and good mood.