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Perio treatment by “Vektor” device

Perio treatment by “Vektor” device
The use of Vector-therapy in the complex treatment of periodontal diseases. The most common gum diseases are gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontitis. Gingivitis is an inflammatory process in the tissues of the gingival margin, in which only the surface tissues of the gum are affected,it  is the initial stage of periodontitis.

Diseases of the gums are caused by the negative effects of bacteria that accumulate on the teeth, forming a plaque that eventually hardens – forming a dental scale.
With the progression of the disease between the tooth and the gum, space is formed which is called the dentogingival pocket. Gradually deepening, it is filled with pathological contents. The bone supporting the teeth undergoes permanent destruction. As a result, the teeth are loosened, and they can be lost.
Proper treatment of the gums should begin with a careful examination of the oral cavity and the body as a whole, because both general (general condition of the body) and local (poor hygiene of mouth, improperly placed filling, crown, insert, pathology of occlusion, etc.) factors have an influence. And as a consequence, periodontitis can be generalized (in the field of all teeth) and local (in the field of one or several teeth). To see the degree of bone resorption, the depth of the pathological pocket and the degree of prevalence of the process, you need an overview picture-orthopantomogram. Conservative methods of treatment of periodontal tissues: • removal of supragingival and subgingival deposits, treatment and curettage of dentogingival pockets• permanent splinting in periodontitis• “Vector-therapy” Surgical methods of treatment of periodontal tissues: • all types of quilted outpatient operations• bone plastic surgery• directed bone regeneration using membranes
“Vector” (Vector) device. “Vector” (Vector) device is a non-invasive periodontal therapy. This is a kind of miracle of high technology in dentistry. The method allows you to work with infected tissues at the micro level. In an ultrasonic environment, the oscillating particles of hydroxylapapatite destroy biofilms where colonies of microbial associations live. Endotoxins of microorganisms are washed away. It also effectively cleans the surface of the tooth root from micro scraps of tooth scale, which can not be removed in other ways as sparingly as Vector does, the root of the tooth remains. Effectively eliminates bad breath.As a result, periodontal tissue receives favorable conditions for recovery after infection with a local infection: gums strengthen (become dense, pink, stop bleeding and purulence from the gingival pockets), the mobility of teeth (with complex treatment) decreases or ceases, the progression of the osteotomy pockets is suspended.The complete procedure, depending on the number of remaining teeth and the neglect of the case, takes from 40 minutes to 2 hours, painless, most patients tolerate it without anesthesia without feeling uncomfortable. The Vector system has various attachments for various surfaces of the front and chewing teeth.Therapy using the Vector device is aimed at creating a healthy root surface. Focusing on the principle of “disinfection of the oral cavity at a time”, within 24 hours you can stop the inflammation of the periodontal on the upper and lower jaws.
Patients very positively perceive therapy, without the use of ultrasound instruments, and methods where vibration-free instruments are not used, are gentle, reduce the time of treatment of various types of periodontitis and in many cases allow anesthesia to be dispensed with. Dynamics of treatment of periodontal tissues:Repeated sessions are required for advanced clinical situations, a hereditary predisposition to periodontal disease. Treatment with the device “Vector” in many cases allows you to avoid surgical intervention, which was previously considered inevitable. The healing period after treatment with the “Vector” apparatus due to the absence of injuries passes quickly without edema and painful sensations.
A few years ago, with great difficulty, periodontal doctors managed to reduce the pain and puffiness of gums with the help of injections of antibiotics and special applications.  At the time of modern dentistry thanks to the device “Vector” people get rid of torment and suffering for only 1-2 visits.