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Plasmolifting in dentistry MedLi

New innovative technologies that were previously only available to units are now open to all. The methods of plasmolifting, used in various advanced fields of medicine, find a successful application in the practice of a dentist. The dental patient often faces such problems as gum bleeding, dental mobility, poor healing after implantation or tooth extraction, gingivitis, mouth odor.

The use in the treatment of plasmolifting in dentistry is due to excellent visible results in surgery, medical cosmetology and other related fields of medicine, when the healing goes on orders faster, and the postoperative period is reduced by several times, with the naturalness, safety and convenience for the patient in the first place.Also undoubtedly there are benefits of the very procedure of introducing plasma, which contains the necessary substances for the body, for example proteins, vitamins, hormones and growth factors. When they are introduced, the natural mechanisms of regeneration and increasing the local immunity of the patient are triggered. There is a formation of new capillaries, hemodynamics and oxygen delivery to tissues are improving, bone structures are strengthening. The process of plasmolifting itself takes place in several stages. Initially, a small amount of blood is taken from the patient, from which a platelet enriched plasma is then released in the centrifuge. The procedure is carried out quickly, and the presence of plasma from its own blood guarantees the digestibility of its body. Absence of side effects is due to the fact that the patient’s own blood does not cause an allergic reaction or its rejection, excludes the possibility of infection. When plasma is injected into the desired zone, accelerated healing of the tissues and elimination of inflammatory foci occur. The plasmolifting procedure used by the dentists of the MedLi center is safe, effective and ideal for both treatment and prevention of oral diseases. For the treatment of periodontitis and periodontitis, we recommend also pay attention to the advanced technology of gum treatment with the help of the Vector-therapy apparatus. Together with plasmolifting, vector therapy eliminates inflammation in the periodontal tissues, stops the loss of bone tissue.