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The process of aging is inevitable. At different times and in different conditions, it passes in different ways, but the fact remains – the skin grows old together with the entire human body. Throughout life, it is exposed to various influences in the form of both external stimuli – salt, wind, ultraviolet, and internal – a violation of immunity, nervous stress, malnutrition.
The process of restoration and rejuvenation of the skin in medical cosmetology is perceived as an opportunity to launch a restorative mechanism in humans and to obtain visual results in the form of tightened skin, wrinkles, and increased elasticity in young skin.
For these purposes, injecting methods are used in cosmetology, during which various preparations (cocktails) are introduced in the form of vitamins, microelements, hyaluronic acid, peptides and homeopathy. Among injecting techniques one of the main and perhaps most popular is the Plasmolifting procedure.
The principle is based on the principle, which is used in various fields of medicine to increase and accelerate the healing and regeneration processes. Using a syringe, the patient is taken to take blood, usually no more than 20ml. After that, the blood is placed in a centrifuge and with its help blood plasma enriched with platelets is released. Platelets are a carrier of nutrients in our body and contain a large number of biologically active substances that enhance the processes of regeneration and restore protective properties.
When injected into the deep layers of the skin, the platelet-enriched plasma normalizes the water balance and microcirculation of substances, promotes the activation of local immunity. It is important that the plasma is made from the blood of the patient, eliminating the risk of allergic reactions.

Indications for plasmolifting are:
Problem skin – skin color, wrinkles, stretch marks, irregularities, burns.
Hair Loss – PLASMOLIFTING procedure is extremely effective for the treatment and restoration of hair follicles, stimulating hair bulbs. The procedure is used in both female and male cosmetology.
Cellulite. With cellulite, the main problem is tissue atrophy. The introduction of injections into problem areas allows to successfully solve this problem.
In detail with contraindications can be found at our doctor-cosmetologist. In the cosmetology of MedLi, only an individual approach to each patient is practiced.
The standard contraindications to the use of the plasmolifting procedure are: – prohibition of the procedure for patients under 18 years of age,
– during lactation,
– blood diseases.
The effect of the procedure of plasmolifting is usually noticeable after 2-3 procedures.
The course of plasma-lifting is designed for 8-10 procedures.

Cost: 1 zone – 1100 UAH.
In the clinic, before, during, and after the procedure, exceptional safety measures are applied. MedLi Cosmetology uses high-tech and certified European equipment, allowing us to achieve excellent results in the treatment of our patients.