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Preventive care

Children  at a dentist’s appointment. Information for parents.

Each parent is responsible for children’s health, including preventive and dental care. Your children’s behavior at a dentist’s appointment depends on you mainly. Our experts are ready to explain parents how to act at a doctor’s office and how to prepare children for the examination.

First of all try to forget your own fears of dental room, dental drill, doctors and pain. Your negative feelings beyond your will can influence on your child.

детская стоматология

The first visit to the dentist should be planned at the age of a year and a half. The time of the first teeth appearing is appropriate for solving those problems which can emerge afterwards. In general it’s better to correct the nutrition now to avoid further complications. Experts recommend to see a dentist twice a year: in spring and autumn. If a child gets sick very often and for a long time, you should take him to a doctor 4 or 5 times a year.

Some mothers don’t want their children to be distressed in a dental chair and that’s why they don’t hurry to a consultation with their children. We want to remind such parents that toothache is one the strongest. If you put off visiting a doctor, you can let the moment pass and drive your kid to tears and suffering. In addition, early treatment of children’s teeth will help them not to accumulate fear.


Since the childhood tell your kid that everything what a doctor does is very important and useful for him, and his health and mood depend on it in the future as well. Explain him beforehand what will happen at a dentist’s office to avoid stress and fear.

During a talk to your kid avoid such phrases as “don’t worry”, “be patient” or “you will have an injection”. A child starts thinking that it will be painful and frightful at a doctor’s office. On the contrary, try to convince him that visiting doctors is “Great”, because a doctor will make his teeth healthy and beautiful.

And finally the most popular question with parents “Why is it necessary to cure temporary teeth, they will fall out anyway?”

It’s necessary to cure teeth. Affected tooth can bring your child a lot of unpleasant and painful feelings. Firstly, there is such a risk that this tooth can cause infections in the mouth. Considering that child’s body can absorb toxins higher than usual, which are produced by microbes, there is a risk of high intoxication that can cause chronic illnesses of internal organs. Parents bring their children to child health clinics all the time and show them to different specialists with regard to pains in heart, liver, kidneys and so on. But the cause is on the surface and this is a carious tooth.

Secondly, affected temporary tooth can cause troubles with permanent tooth. Infection can reach and destroy tooth bud and subsequently this will lead to anomalies in emergence of temporary teeth. That’s why it’s so important to take care of children’s teeth and go to the dental clinic on time.