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Recommendations after endodontic treatment

  1. Endodontic treatment is often held with anesthesia. Only sensation of pain is blocked but not tactile. At the end of this period you can feel discomfort and pressure in the area of cured tooth. If pain disturbs you, inform a doctor about it and take painkillers.
  2. If root canals are open and there is the infected fluid, you should rinse mouth with warm hypertonic solution.
  3. While eating put a small ball of cotton into a mouth, then take it out and rinse your mouth.
  4. After filling a tooth unpleasant feelings can appear during a couple of days. It is connected with biological reaction of your body on restorative material in dental pulp canal and the level of infections in the root of tissues.
  5. After filling a dental canal it is covered with temporary filling.
  6. It’s recommended not to eat or drink during first hours after treatment and reduce pressure on a cured side.
  7. Before and after endodontic treatment it’s necessary to make radiological researches of the length of tooth root and the quality of filling. It’s necessary to follow the doctor’s schedule and make radiological control on time.