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Recommendations after tooth whitening

  1. As a rule neck area is darker than another its part so for its whitening we need more time, and it leaves darker after finishing the procedure.
  2. During tooth whitening only small percentage of patients feel hypersensivity. If you feel hypersensivity, tell your doctor. Maybe you need a mouth guard with whitening gel, use it during 1 – 3 hours a day or use gel with fluoride and saltpeter to avoid hypersensivity.
  3. Products with citric acid can become a reason of hypersensivity.
  4. Some patients can feel temporary discomfort in gums, throat and tongue while wearing mouth guard. If these symptoms last more than 2 days and they are getting worse, visit a dentist then. These symptoms must disappear in a day after treatment.
  5. Coffee, tobacco and some other products can make your teeth dark. That’s why you can repeat the whitening procedure.
  6. It’s very important to visit a dentist for preventive care and professional teeth brushing to keep the best effect of whitening.
  7. Whitening gel must be kept in childproof places.
  8. Some old fillings with amalgam or silver can leave dark spots. It’s Ok.


  1. Don’t use whitening gels in periods of pregnancy and lactation.
  2. To achieve the best result don’t eat with mouth guard.
  3. Don’t smoke during wearing mouth guard.
  4. Don’t use other whitening products except those which your doctor prescribed.
  5. Don’t put gel injector in sunny and warm places. Put it into a fridge.
  6. Used injector must be thrown away.