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Smoking and dentistry

Smoking and dental diseases Heavy smokers, often abuse harmful habits, as well as often face health problems. Smoking, has always been considered a serious danger, including teeth and gums, too, gets a lot. In addition, all known nicotine, cigarette smoke contains more than 4000 different compounds that affect not only the smoker itself, but also the surrounding people. Despite the age, or gender, the faces of smokers are equally likely to suffer a number of the following problems:

· change in the color of the teeth (the habit of smoking manifests itself in a general change in the color of the teeth and the appearance of stinging spots);

· the appearance of dental scale (the main trouble for all smokers is solid white plaques that appear with a certain period of time);

· bad smell from the mouth (because of the content of tar and nicotine in cigarettes, settle on the mucous membrane of the mouth, smoking provokes unpleasant sensations, the so-called “smoker’s breath”);

· caries (smoking contributes to the accumulation of plaque in the mouth, which eventually, sooner or later, can lead to the formation of caries);

· inflammation of the gums (all tobacco products adversely affect the function of tissues and gum cells, because of their vulnerability, smokers are at times more likely to develop periodontitis);

· loss of teeth.Cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or chewing tobacco have absolutely the same effect on the health of the body and the oral cavity. Unfortunately, as long as there is no safe substitute for tobacco products, smokers will necessarily face dental diseases.

Cigarette plaque on the teeth is the first signal, indicating the need to visit a dentist. In the medical center “MedLi” offers several options for solving this problem.

Professional cleaning and removal of dental scale.

This procedure is carried out by specialists of stomatology “MedLi” quickly and very effectively. After careful consultation and diagnosis of the doctor, on which he determines the presence of caries, stones, plaque, gum pathologies, the removal of solid deposits. The ultrasonic scaler used in the work destroys the stone leaving the tooth completely unscathed. Plaques and stiffnesses are eliminated by the air-abrasive system. The result of this technique is smooth, naturally white teeth. For a long-lasting effect, also used by fluoromistimia gel makes the enamel even stronger and firmer.

Teeth Whitening If professional cleaning eliminated all traces of smoking, but the color of the teeth is still not white, dentists recommend a bleaching procedure. In the medical center “Madli” it is carried out using a special, high-quality whitening gel, selected individually for each case. Not everyone succeeds, once and for all give up the habit of smoking, but do not take care of your health and teeth in advance. Qualified specialists of MedLi medical center are ready to help in solving dental problems related to smoking.