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Therapeutic skin care with DMK cosmetics

Danne Montague King skin care line is an indispensable attribute in the hands of a qualified specialist, which allows you to perform a variety of tasks. The developer of this product was a doctor of chemical sciences named Danne Montague-King. It is a program for the treatment, care and healing of the skin with the use of enzyme systems, vegetable oils, amino acids, which can have a specific effect on the biochemical processes of the skin. The Danne system, called “Purification – Recovery – Protection” is a full 3-step volumetric program that will help to cure the skin professionally.
Danne Montague King is a line of cosmetics based on fermentotherapy. Danne Montague King imitates nature for natural results. Enzymes play the role of natural catalysts and are found in the structure of enzymatic transdermal masks of the brand Danne. These enzymes destroy dead cells, cleanse the skin surface of exogenous and endogenous contaminants, purify the pores, stimulate muscular work, open the supply of oxygen to all skin cells, increase the production of collagen and elastin.
By supplying the skin cells with the necessary minerals, vitamins, amino acids and proteins, the skin cells at the same time accelerate the chemical processes in the intercellular space and skin cells. Each mask has a specific effect on the skin, which is affected by powerful muscular stimulation. This effect can be compared in its effectiveness with electrical stimulation. Masks increase peripheral circulation, which affects the noticeable lifting effect after the start of the first cosmetic procedures. The Danne program is an alternative to myostimulation, mesotherapy, and plastic massage.
Cosmetic Danne Montague King products for problem skin type are used in the complex of the acne treatment program, where they are complemented by hardware and hand cleaning of the face. In the MedLi medical center, Danne cosmetics are used in comprehensive programs of anti-aging therapies, acne, pigmentation and post-acne treatment, correction of photo aging symptoms and gives the opportunity to obtain the desired result in a relatively short time.
The method of natural pharmacology Danne is created specifically to solve problems with skin of any complexity, which allows you to get the desired results and for a long time to keep them.

An individual approach to each client in “MedLi” will satisfy even the most demanding taste, because Danne cosmetics is unique and unlike other lines of cosmetics, procedures and preparations.