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Tooth extraction

At the age of 15 to 25 years, a person has an average of 32 teeth – 16 teeth on the top and 16 on the lower jaw. Each tooth has its own unique functions. Front teeth (incisors, canines and premolars) are used to grab food and bite off small portions from seized food. The posterior teeth (molars) are responsible for chewing food until it becomes small enough to swallow.

Most people do not have more than 32 teeth in their mouths. The appearance of new teeth can be quite painful, especially when there is not enough space for molars or wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth are cut in the very back of the oral cavity; they are the last teeth that are cut in a person. When the wisdom teeth grow correctly, do not interfere with other teeth and the gum tissue around the tooth is healthy – they do not pose any health hazard and do not require removal. Unfortunately, this does not always happen.

Removing the wisdom tooth is often necessary, because often they can not properly grow and erupt. When blocked by other teeth, they can grow to the side, manifest only partially or grow into the gum or bone. In the future, the growing tooth can shift to the bone to find an opportunity to erupt.

Improperly growing wisdom teeth can cause many problems for the patient’s health. These teeth have the potential to damage the roots of neighboring teeth. This can lead to a bacterial infection, and then can develop cysts or a tumor, leading to the destruction of healthy teeth. Early removal of wisdom teeth is recommended as a procedure to avoid complications and reduce any risks of complications.

When examining a patient, our dentists determine how the teeth are located and whether they require surgical intervention. It also assesses the degree of risk or possible intervention with the current state of wisdom teeth. Typically, patients can receive an initial assessment as early as adolescence from their dentist or orthodontist.

Most dental procedures with wisdom teeth can be performed at a highly professional level in our dental center under local anesthesia.

All surgical procedures are performed by professionals with a primary focus on the safety of our patients and the latest equipment for monitoring and anesthesia.