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Treatment of herpes

Mechanism of action of diode laser “Picasso” in treatment of herpes:

Clinic effect of laser radiation is determined by indirect action on viruses and activation of sanogenetic processes in patient’s body. So laser makes anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates local tissue immune, reduces penetration of vessel walls and improves microcirculation and metabolism in tissues. This makes wound healing quite fast without scars.

Advantages of laser:

  • Procedure is fast and doesn’t take a lot of time, about 10 min.
  • Thanks to individual approach laser ray affects only on determined type of tissue (doesn’t have a bad effect on other organs, for example liver, heart)
  • Exsanguinity
  • Painless (you can feel only light tingle, you don’t need anesthesia)
  • Laser is effective on all stages of herpes
  • After the first procedure patients feel relief, there is no itch, burning, pain, swelling and reddening.
  • There is no limitation after procedure
  • New secondary infections don’t appear soon
  • Reduce developing and intension of postherpetic neuralgia.