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Unpleasant odor from the mouth

Unpleasant odor from the mouth

Visiting card of a successful person has always been considered effective appearance and self-confidence. However, a bad breath can easily spoil a responsible meeting, the first interview, or even with a crash fail to conclude an important contract.

The causes of bad smell from the mouth

In medical terminology, such a problem as unpleasant breathing is called “halitosis”. The first and most simple reason for his appearance is the irregular oral hygiene. The daily diet of each person consists of a wide variety of food products. During meals and drinks, their particles can stay in the crevices of the teeth and after interacting with saliva, provoke an unpleasant odor from the mouth. In turn, the neglect of the elementary rules of care and cleaning of teeth, provoke the appearance of halitosis.

Dental diseases. Periodontal disease, caries, stomatitis and other diseases of the oral cavity are considered the main source of bad breath occurrence. Timely and regular visits to the dentist, prevention and treatment of such ailments can prevent the appearance of bad breath. After eliminating diseases of a dental nature, usually the causes of unpleasant breathing are other, individual diseases. Otolaryngological (ENT) diseases. Halitosis can become the main symptom of such diseases as sinusitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, etc. In this case, the promptness and effective treatment will be prompted by a timely call to a specialist otolaryngologist. Diseases of the respiratory system. Often an unpleasant smell from the mouth accompanies people suffering from pneumonia, bronchitis and similar ailments.

Diseases of the digestive tract. A variety of diseases associated with the improper operation of the digestive organs provoke the emergence and development of bacteria. Sour and sharp smell from the mouth indicates an increased production of gastric juice and the appearance of gastritis or ulcers. The taste of bitterness with bad breath speaks of possible problems in the functioning of the liver, or gallbladder.

Diseases of the endocrine system. The appearance of a sweet, unpleasant odor from the mouth is considered a symptom of diabetes. To avoid the risk of such a disease, you should immediately contact a specialist endocrinologist. The occurrence of bad breath is not always a sign of oral disease, but it is believed that it is necessary to start the search for the cause with them. Only qualified specialists in this field should diagnose dental diseases.

There is a widespread opinion that it is possible to get rid of halitosis with the active use of pharmacy and folk remedies. However, after a periodical cessation of their use, a bad smell from the mouth will necessarily return. Do not neglect the first signs of unpleasant breathing, because treatment at an early stage gives a quicker and better result than a neglected disease. Take care of yourself and your health, and get rid of unpleasant breath from the mouth, will help qualified dentists of the medical center “MedLi.”