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Veneers and lumineers. What’s the Difference?

Dentistry “MedLi” offers patients several options how to make their teeth perfect, the most common of them is the installation of veneers and Lumineers. Usually, when choosing a particular species, it is difficult for an ordinary person to understand what their difference is.

If we start from the general theory, the Veneers are high-quality ceramic pads, before the installation requires turning teeth.

In the same definition, Lumineers are the ceramic “veneers” of the new generation, which practically do not require turning and are installed directly on the cleaned tooth enamel. Dentists note the main common feature of such microprostheses – the creation and improvement of the aesthetic appearance of teeth, due to the concealment of their deficiencies. And what exactly are the key differences? The answer to this question lies in the comparison of the main characteristics.

Thickness. First of all, the difference lies in the thickness. Veneers have approximately 0.7 mm, but luminaire – 0.2 mm. This difference affects the degree of treatment of the enamel of the teeth before the installation of microprostheses. In the case of veneers, the teeth are subjected to cutting. This is applied to achieve their natural appearance. However, anesthesia is used during turning, so there are no unpleasant sensations. With the installation of Lumineers, the surface of the teeth is treated minimally, so the pain and enamel damage significantly decreases.

The installation process. Establishing Lumineers takes a minimum of time, usually about 2 visits to the dentist. It uses special glue, it is extremely resistant to the effects of various liquids and food. The installation of veneers takes a rather long period, and when applied, dental cement is used.

Mounts. By this characteristic, it is considered much stronger, a choice in favor of veneers. This is because they completely cover the surface of the tooth, and better fit. On the other hand, lumineers come into contact with a smaller area, therefore, through this, peelings are possible. Operation, as in veneers, and in Lumineers is approximately the same. In the first variant 10 – 15 years, in the second – up to 20.

Appearance. Veneers look more natural and can hide significant flaws (color, shape, minor curvature), but in turn lumineers create the effect of a “Hollywood” smile.

Prices and terms of production. In terms of monetary policy, the cost of lumineers is higher, in this case the installation of veneers will be cheaper. The manufacturing time is quite different. In two cases, microprostheses are made on an individual mold, however, veneers can be made in Ukraine, and lumineers abroad (USA), in connection with which the delivery time of finished products significantly increases.

Veneers and lumineers is a good and optimal cosmetic solution for restoration of teeth.

The choice of the establishment of a particular microprosthesis directly depends on the capabilities of the patient, but you can be sure that in both selected options you will receive a beautiful, beautiful and perfect smile, and MedLi dentists will gladly help you make the right decision.