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We will protect teeth from “autumn” caries!

Entering into its own rights, autumn brings an increase in colds. We begin to buy drugs in the pharmacies to get rid of cough, alleviate the symptoms of flu or cold. However, information that the reception of these medicines leads to the development of caries, is held back. After all, most syrups and pastilles from cough contain components that make the teeth of children and adults more susceptible to caries development.

This risk increases with taking medications just before bedtime. The effect of taking liquid medications right before bedtime does not differ much from the use at that time of juices or soft drinks. This is due to the fact that in this case, less saliva is produced during sleep, and sugars and acids contact the surfaces of the teeth longer, increasing the risk of caries. Observing the following recommendations, you will significantly reduce these risks:

·  Take medication while eating. Instead of taking liquid medications before bed, do so while eating, this will help increase the production of saliva, which helps remove sugars and acids. ·        Brush your teeth. Brush your teeth after each intake of such medications. This will remove the remnants of the drug from the oral cavity, as well as neutralize the acidic environment that these drugs can create.

·  Rinse your mouth with water. In this situation, it is no less important than brushing your teeth. Rinsing the mouth neutralizes acids, and also moisturizes the mouth, preventing rapid drying.

·  Use chewing gum or lozenges without sugar.

·  Try chewing gum without sugar or with xylitol after each medication or if you feel dryness in your mouth. When buying lozenges or lollipops for cough, choose the ones that do not contain sugar.

· Drink water. Feeling a malaise, people often prefer sweet drinks, such as juices or carbonated drinks, which is not the best way to affect health. Instead, drink water more often, as it neutralizes acids, rinses away sugars and promotes faster recovery.

· Give preference to tablets. If there are alternatives, choose the drug in the form of tablets, not syrup.

This does not negate the fact that you must visit the dentist once every six months for every healthy person. Healthy smiles to you!